Ndamukong Suh

Competing at the highest levels of sports & finance
Who is Ndamukong Ngwa Lennon Suh?

An engineer, professional football player, entrepreneur, and investor.

Managing Partner of House of Spears Management, LLC
Father, husband, son, and brother
Founder of Generals Restaurant Group
Six-time All Pro NFL player
Alumni (B.A.) and supporter of University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering

Suh leads by example competing at the highest levels of sports, finance and hospitality.

He is known for his tenacity and ability to adapt to the most complex of situations and he strives to inspire the next generation of young athletes and “unexpected” investors to create generational wealth through continued smart investment decisions and partnerships.

Financial Portfolio
Financial Portfolio

A full collection of investments, companies and partnerships owned and managed by Ndamakong.

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Family Foundation
The Suh Family Foundation

Advancing education, health and wellness, and international outreach within the community.

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Football Career

Suh is one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL and college football history.

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  Football Career  
Companies in the House of Spears Management portfolio
All-Pro NFL Player
Scholarship / Endowment at
University of Nebraska Lincoln
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